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Fiery skies

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So at last the weather seems to be improving, annoyingly I've been stuck inside working! After seeing great sunsets night after night, I decided to leave my dissertation and take some 'snaps' out of my window. With no foreground interest I wasn't expecting much. I started off by taking some telephoto shots. I was rather surprised with the outcome; the colours were really intense and the intricate cloud formations were very photogenic. I found my self continually snapping away as the light conditions and cloud formations changed rapidly. I also decided to try and capture something more creative by using a zooming technique. I had never thought about trying the technique for sunsets before, however it worked really well. The skies were so fiery that some of the shots have an astrophotography - nebula look about them! All of the images in the gallery are straight out of the camera, no editing involved. 

For those of you that are less familiar with the zooming technique, the idea is to capture an image which looks like the subject is moving either towards you, or away from you. To achieve the desired effect you need to slow your shutter speed (maybe 1/30). Then composed and focus your shot as normal, the difference being while taking the shot you need to zoom you lens in or out. It helps to start moving the lens before you depress the shutter and continue after it has closed. Try and stabilise yourself so that the lines of motion stay smooth and straight. Like anything practice makes perfect!


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I am a photographer by profession and i always like to read stuff related to my field on the internet. This post is very impressive for me which is about Fiery skies. You have an great skills or photography which you shared here with us. I hope you will share your more work with us on this website.

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Wow...That is really beautiful. I have never seen a photo of sky l.ike this. It is awesome. You have a great talent. I am just a beginner to this field and have to learn many more things about photography.

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