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Founded in 2010

Brought to you by: Will Nicholls Billy Hodgkins

William Nicholls found of MapMyPHOTO

The story behind MapMyPHOTO...

The idea for MapMyPHOTO originated back in late 2010 and the first beta was released in early 2011.

We have found through experience that when it comes to finding good photography locations apart from asking fellow photographers, reading books, magazines and browsing websites there isn’t a dedicated resource where you can go to and find this information. So we decided to create a website whereby photographers can share great locations for others to enjoy!

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So what is MapMyPHOTO?

MapMyPHOTO is a free service whereby photographers can share their favourite locations for others to enjoy. We support a growing community of photographers from all over the UK.

First hand advice is always the best but can be hard to obtain through conventional means: books, magazines, forums, photo-sharing websites, hence MapMyPHOTO is different; it makes it easy for photographers to share relevant information to help other photographers seek new locations armed with the best information. Apart from our core service mentioned above we provide many other services and features, for example: Forums, Polls, Social networking functionality and now event sharing!

​So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free and start sharing and finding locations!

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