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I though MapMyPHOTO was free?


The basic functionality of MapMyPHOTO is completely free. However, nobody wants to see MapMyPHOTO become yet another community website that drops out after the first beta. But in order to establish continuous growth and progress, we need funding. Donations are always welcome, but unfortunately not enough to keep things running for us.

So the business model we decided to take was to keep the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO 100% free but also develop Premium accounts and downloads. These are available for purchase on our site and cost less than a few pints or a fraction of our development costs. Upgrading to a premium account is a great way to support the project and at the same time benefit from our premium services. Incidentally if you are an active user and contribute to the growth of MapMyPHOTO you will even receive a premium account for FREE through our Userpoints scheme.